The student-run middle school science competition

Saturday, March 25, 2017 @ Lexington High School
from 7:30am - 5pm.

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Contact us at contact@lexscibowl.org.


What is LSB?

LexSciBowl is a unique student-run middle school science competition, run by members of Lexington High School Science Bowl/Olympiad Teams for teams in the Greater Boston Area. Teams of 4-5 members will compete in both a written olympiad modeled on the International Science Olympiads and a buzzer tournament modeled on the National Science Bowl. LSB 2017 will also feature events based on the National Ocean Sciences Bowl and/or Environthon.

Our competition is targeted toward middle school students (grades 6-8), but we can also accept younger students if they feel they are ready! Although age and experience will certainly help a team get further in the elimination tournament, there will be multiple brackets to allow all students to explore a lot of science and participate in as many rounds of competition as possible.


More information you need to know

How do I sign up?

Registration for 2017 is now closed, but you can join our waitlists. If you have signed up already, please check your emails for confirmation information and important forms. Please remember that each team must be accompanied by an adult coach throughout the event.

How much does it cost?

Zero dollars and zero cents. Our operational costs are pretty low, and they are all paid for thanks to sponsors and by lunch pizza pre-orders - so you can support us by becoming a sponsor or buying some pizza on the day of event!

What do questions look like? How can I practice?

For the Lightning Rounds, National Science Bowl has a huge number of middle school science bowl sample questions, and we also have our own.

For the Olympiad Rounds, the high school olympiads are vastly more difficult, and as far as we know this has never been done for middle school before. They will be somewhat similar to MCAS short-response questions in format, and slightly greater in difficulty.

How will I eat?

Lunch will be during Breaktime. You have a few options for lunch:

  • You can pre-order whole pizzas for $9 per cheese pizza online ($11 for pepperoni) before the competition, or during check-in at the competition for a higher charge. All profits go toward running LexSciBowl. Pre-order form is here
  • You can go to Lexington Center, which is a few minutes' walk away. Coaches or parents must accompany students.
  • Finally, you can always pack your own lunch.

What should I bring?

Typical test-taking implements (pencils, erasers). Note that calculators are not allowed. You should also bring money to buy food (or a packed lunch). (See How will I eat?)


In November 2014, some members of our school Science Bowl team decided it might be cool to bring our love of high school science bowl to middle schools in the region. The National Science Bowl has only a relatively small Middle School division, and the International Science Olympiads seem to have no middle school equivalent. Especially in Massachusetts, there are math leagues and competitions galore. Why not science?

What do parents/coaches do?

As long as each team of 4-5 has one adult supervising at all times, you have the option of leaving or accompanying students to all Lightning rounds.

Do you do sponsorships?

Yup! We'd love to have you. You can read our sponsorship info for more information.

I still don't get it!

If you still have something to ask, please shoot us an email at contact@lexscibowl.org! We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


When and where to go

Lexington High School is located at 251 Waltham St. Lexington, MA 02421. The Science Lecture Hall is located in approximately the center of campus. LexSciBowl signs and volunteers will be at both main entrances to the school to guide you in the right direction.
Check back later for the event schedule.


This is the schedule for the day! As we finalize details some times may change slightly, but the most updated schedule will always be here.

7:30 - 8:00Check-inIn front of the Science Lecture Hall (SLH)
8:10 - 8:20Opening CeremonySLH
8:30 - 9:30Olympiad RoundSLH and classrooms
9:35 - 9:55Lightning Round Explanation and Q&ASLH
10:00 - 11:30Round Robin TournamentClassrooms
11:30 - 12:00NOSB RoundClassrooms
12:00 - 1:15Lunch Break
1:15 - 2:15Science Olympiad: Write-It Do-ItSLH
2:15 - 4:00Afternoon Lightning TournamentClassrooms
4:00- 4:30Lightning Tournament FinalsSLH
4:30 - 5:00Awards & Closing CeremonySLH


LexSciBowl April 2, 2016

LexSciBowl 2016 was awesome! Our winner was Clarke A, runner-up AMSA, and semifinalists Clarke C and Team Epsilon.

Take a look at 2016's event packet.

Written Questions

2016 Questions

All of these are LexSciBowl volunteer-written. Thanks to everyone who put in time to write questions and compile these rounds and olympiads!


Photos are here!

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